Do you have your own Holy Place?

My Holy Place is a smartphone oasis for those who survive in the concrete jungle, looking at the cutout sky among the buildings.

The Compass shows you the direction and the distance to your Holy Places.

  • The site where your favorite anime takes place
  • Where your favorite idol started out
  • The origin of your favorite music
  • The place you'd like to visit someday
  • The secret place for love birds
  • The company pays you wages

And so on.
You can choose your Holy Place from the list over 200 preset locations.
Also you can add new places.

Press “Prayer Button” to start, “Pilgrim Button” to count your visit.

Start praying by pressing the "Prayer button" looking toward your Holy Place.
The number of your prayer is recorded. The more you pray, the more your heart filled.
The "Pilgrimage Mode" activates when you come close to the Holy Place within 1km.
Special "Pilgrim Button" counts the times of your visits.
You can publish your prayer and pilgrimage with a photo to share your feelings with your friends.

This application is for modern clergy
who live in the information society.

Pray with all your heart.

※ My Holy Place is meant to enjoy your personal healing journey.
It is not related to any actual religion.


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